Hinganghat 13km and Nagpur 88m away

D99 (Tue 02/02/2016) 24/1408

Straight Roads and Stifling Heat.

Bobby was powering through his pain and the kilometres to Nagput were slowly evaporating.

The sign overhead stated we were only 13km from the town of Hinganghat and 88km from Nagpur.

The road snakes it's way toward NagpurThe afternoon heat was still stifling so our water consumption was up to 12 litres of bottled water per day including water used for cooking.

This was by far our largest consumable expense but also the most necessary and one we were unable to ration.

Water for washing dishes and occaisional roadside showers was obtained from hand pumps or taps and was stored separately.

One of my high priority tasks was to ensure that we had at least two days supply of drinking water and one days supply of stored water at all times otherwise Bobby could not walk as the risk of running out would be too high.

The road was mostly flat and straightas it disapeared into the distance with only slight undulations compared to the hills we had faced previously.

We stayed the night near Sonegaon (which translates to nice village in Punjabi).

I fell asleep dreaming of a water tanker being towed behind us.

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