Satinder walks ahead to scope the sugar cane field for Bobby

D100 (Wed 03/02/2016) 24/1432

The Sugar Cane Bandits Strike Again!

The cold, dark morning was chased away by the rising sun.

2016-02-03 08.30.31The sunlight illuminated a sign and we knew we were 44km from Nagpur and more importantly, 1014km from Delhi!

Bobby was making good pace as we walked past field upon field, then he suddenly gestured to Satinder.

Before I go on, I should explain that Bobby has two internal radars … one for mangoes and one for sugar cane.

His sugar cane radar had triggered and he told Satinder to walk ahead and investigate.

Sure enough, a field of ripe cane appeared on our left.Parked outside an Ashram for the night

Bobby and Satinder disappeared between the tall stalks as I remained in the getaway vehicle, sorry … Walkmobile.

Satinder had performed a quick recon of the field’s perimeter to see if there was
someone we could pay but no-one was around.

Sun sets at the Ashram where we've stopped for the nightBobby issued his instructions and got back to walking leaving Satinder to soak up any potential heat. He duly emerged with two, long canes.

A few weeks ago, Satinder had mentioned he needed some exercise. I decided to ‘help him out’ by closing the door and asking Rahim to drive slowly while Satinder broke into a sprint to keep up with two long sugar cane under his arm. I honestly thought he was going to pole vault over the top of us.

In our break, we sat in the sun with Satinder, who was still panting. We munched through the fresh sugar cane until the sweet juice dripped from our chins and we could drink no more.

That night we came across a roadside ashram that Anand had mentioned to me and we got permission to stay outside.

We made sure we went into the temple and asked for forgiveness regarding the sugar cane!

That night I dreamt of being chased down the road by a farmer.

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