Anand and Shirish surprise Bobby at Jamtha Stadium in Nagpur

D102 (Fri 05/02/2016) 11/1468

A Stadium Rest and a Visit from Friends.

We started a little later than our usual time as we had a shorter distance to night’s stop location.

Bobby at the VCA Jamtha Stadium in NagpurBobby was in good spirits but had no idea of what to expect over the next few days as it had been kept quite secret.

We reached our only rest point today and Rahim found a spot just off the road by the entrance to the Sandesh City colony on the outskirts of Nagpur.

After an hour we started again and a few kilometres further on, Bobby spotted a couple of people in the distance. As we got close he saw that it was Shirish and Anand, our friends from Saksham who were waiting to meet us.

We were at a junction and were directed off the main highway and onto a side road. They both walked Guests greet Bobby outside the Jamtha Stadium guesthousewith Bobby and there in the short distance was a tremendous sight.

We were standing in front of the 50,000 seater VCA Jamtha Cricket Stadium. This recently built stadium was home to all of the major cricket events played at Nagpur.

What Bobby did not know is that his first night’s stay in Nagpur had very kindly been arranged in the Stadium’s exclusive guest house.

There was a large group of people who greeted Bobby at the entrance to the guest house and we were directed post a lovely courtyard and swimming pool to our huge suite.

Friends from Saksham in Nagpur visit our guest suiteHaving spent months in our practical but cramped Walkmobile, this was sheer luxury and it was interesting to imagine which famous cricketers had stayed in his luxurious suite.

In fact India and New Zealand were due to play a 20/20 match here next month.

We were left to freshen up before being joined by more guest from Saksham in the evening.

After they had left we had a nice surprise from Ravi Jawade,the petrol station owner we had met a few days ago. He stayed and chatted and then left us to rest at around 11pm.

Although the suite was vast, there was only one double bed. I left Bobby to relax for the night while I curled up on the sofa.

I went to sleep dreaming of the cricketing legends who had partied in this very room.

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