School children wave flags with Bobby

D103 (Sat 06/02/2016) 11/1482

Thousands of children and the Warmest of Nagpur Greetings.

After a lovely sleep we checked out early the next morning. Bobby was greeted by Shirish Dharwekar and Bobby starts his walk into Nagpur CityAnand Sahasrabudhe at the reception desk.

We got on the Walkmobile and drove to the highway where Bobby started walking.Bobby places a garland around the Statue of Swami Vivekananda

Winding his way toward the city and flanked by police officers for his safety and a small Saksham ambulance adorned with Bobby’s Walk graphics travelled ahead.

Many members of Saksham also joined the walk into Nagpur and Bobby was already feeling overwhelmed with his welcome.

He was greeted along the way by hundreds of school children who had lined the route enthusiastically waving flags and shouting words of encouragement.

Bobby talks to a patient in hospitalSome also held banners welcoming Bobby to Nagpur and mentioning Shaksham’s Corneal Blindness intiative.

Bobby visited the Bharat Utkarsha Mandal School and Hospital where he met the children, staff and School buses and children line Bobby's routeplaced a garland around the statue of Shri Vivekananda in the grounds.

Bobby was then taken for a tour of the hospital where he talked with patients and viewed the facilities.

During the day, thousands iof children and staff from seven schools lined the walk route and greeted Bobby as he passed.

A Saksham ambulance clears the way aheadIn the middle, a rest stop had been arranged at Nagpur’s Pride Hotel where we were greeted with refreshing drinks by the manager and staff.

We continued on our way and met with Nagpur’s Mayor outside the Radisson Blu Hotel.2016-02-06 09.38.52

Bobby also met with many Radisson Blu staff with speech and hearing impairments who had been successfully placed in jobs with the help of Saksham and Radisson.

The route continued and more school greetings followed even from schools on the opposite side of the road.

Bobby did his best to shake hands with and talk to as many of the children as possible.

Young school children meet Bobby

This extremely tiring but exceptional day finished at Saksham’s HQ in the city centre where more people were waiting to greet Bobby alongside the media who were waiting to interview him. All of this was followed by a lovely reception lunch.

We were still quite rushed as we had to visit a local bank in the city before an evening press conference at2016-02-06 11.40.18 the Nagpur Press Association HQ which wrapping up the day.


That night we were invited to stay at the house of Villas and Nandini who were a wonderful couple that had only returned from Singapore the day before.

We were made to feel very welcome and relaxed in the beautiful appartment.

I went to sleep dreaming of a sea of India flags waving in the wind.

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