Bobby ties his turban ready for visiting Gurudwara Singh Sabha

D105 (Mon 08/02/2016) 15/1497

Rangoli Designs and the Zero Mile Monument.

Monday 8th February saw many of Saksham’s members accompany Bobby from the very early morning.

The Walk starts from Saksham's Nagpur HQThe bus would be unable to follow us today as the roads would be too busy for such a large and slow moving vehicle.Ashok Munne Motivational Speaker and leg amputee walks with Bobby

Instead, the small Saksham ambulance would travel in front of Bobby and the bus was sent to the end point which was a Buddhist Monastery toward the north of the city.

Bobby made his way through the morning traffic and the people accompanying him were pointing out various surprises along the way.

Ashok Munne, Motivational Speaker and leg amputee walked with Bobby and they talked at length about Ashok’s upcoming attempt to climb Mount Everest!

Nagpur is a vibrant and busy city yet the charity’s members had erected banners at major junctions along 2016-02-08 09.00.47the walk route.Ashok Munne Motivational Speaker and leg amputee walks with Bobby

Furthermore, team of them had started very early in the morning and had positioned themselves in various locations. At these points, they had made beautifully colourful and intricate Rangoli designs with coloured powders on the roadside, along the kerb side and in the middle of those busy traffic junctions!

The patterns were amazing and brought a splash of colour that not only brightened up our morning but also the morning of those that were commuting to work.

Once again thousands more eager school children and staff lined the route with some of the school’s bands welcoming Bobby as he approached.A Rangoli design welcomes Bobby in the middle of a busy junction

They were made up of over eleven schools along the walk route that would take us through to the busiest streets in Nagpur and out to the north so we would be ready to leave the city the next day.

A school band welcomes BobbySome of the school’s bands were eagerly belting out tunes to welcome us as we approached.

Breakfast was held in one of the schools along the way and Bobby to time out to talk to the students about the importance of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ and the awareness he had given his in talks throughout his walk so far.

We wound through the cities streets trying to avoid the large buses and trucks that were also trying to get to their destinations.School children hold banners by the side of the road

It was getting close to lunchtime but there was still quite a lot of distance to cover.

Bobby speaks about Beti Bachao Beti Padhao to studentsI was running around having split more volunteers into teams that had been sent out to source supplies we would need in the next few weeks.

Nagpur is quite literally the centre point of India. It even has a Zero Mile Monument which lies exactly in the middle of India’s imaginary north to south line.

Bobby stopped at this location to reach the monument’s history and knew that this also represented the Walk’s approximate halfway point too.

We reached another school which had all of the children lined up in the school yard and a procession of students welcomed Bobby in where he spoke to everyone.Bobby walks along the busiest Nagpur streets

Bobby at the Zero Mile MonumentIt was here that he expertly tied a turban on his head from material give to him by Rinku Jessal who we had met for the first time a week earlier when stopped at Ravi Jawade’s petrol station.

The Gurudwara Singh Sabha was just across the road from the school and Bobby had been invited to talk there as well.

I needed to run ahead and make sure the lunch location was ready for the 20-30 people who would be arriving there soon.

I made it to the Food Junction restaurant and after sitting and talking with the owner and his son, they very kindly offered to donate some vegetables toward our supplies.Bobby Shirish and Rajan at the Zero Mile Monument

I was liaising with other volunteers sourcing items and also members of the team walking with Bobby to ensure everyone arrived at th restaurant in time for lunch.

Once Bobby arrived, we were treated a very tasty variety of dishes served by extremely attentive staff.

Children line up to meet BobbySoon it was time to leave but it was apparent that the many meet and greets along the route this weekend had taken its toll on Bobby.

His energy was starting to run out and I knew he would be unable to make it to the Monastery.

There was an event function hall to our right and a quick detour inside to explain the situation the owners got us permission to stay for the night. We were only 1.5km short of Bobby’s intended target for that day so he had done extremely well.

I jumped in a car and went ahead to the where the bus was parked.Bobby and I watch the school procession

The Monastery had mad a lot of preparations for Bobby’s arrival and stay that night so I went inside to explain and apologise.

We say goodbye and a big thank you to the Saksham volunteersThe head monk appreciated my honesty and the fact that I had taken the time to make the long walk to him and explain.

The Walkmobile made its way back to Bobby’s location and a lot of the volunteers began arriving with the many items and provisions they had been tasked with locating.

Satinder and Rahim got busy putting all of the bulk items away in their assigned locations.

Members of Saksham who has accompanied Bobby throughout the day, said their goodbyes and gradually thinned out until the Walk team were the only ones left.The head monk of Nagpur's Bhuddha Boomi Monastery comes by to bless Bobby

That evening, the head monk I had apologised to earlier popped by to bless Bobby and his Walk. He had a wonderfully calm demeanour and I was very happy he had taken the time to meet us.

Bobby was exhausted and drifted off to sleep quite quickly without eating dinner as our lunch had been so filling.

I followed soon after.

That night I dreamt of the Tiger Reserve we would soon be walking through.

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