Bobby in front of abandoned truck 2

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Wrecks and Russian Backpackers.

I awoke tentatively.

Would the Walkmobile start or would we be greeted by silence?

I got Bobby up and noticed Rinku was already awake.

Bobby crosses the bridge into KanhanShe was a school teacher and although she had a full day of work ahead of her, she had promised to walk with Bobby for a short while in the first session.

I was still upstairs when I heard the Walkmobile roar into life and breathed a sigh of relief.

Rahim drove us to the function hall where Bobby had finished his walk two days ago.Buffalo have a stand-off with the Walkmobile

Bobby started on his way passing the Buddhist Monastery where we would have stayed.

A little further along it was time for Rinku to go and she left in the car which had been slowly following.

Our route over the next few days would take us through the Pench National Park and Bhander Range Forest, not to mention a tiger reserve.

Tonight though, I had planned to stop just short of the main forest.

Bobby walked past a military base and we stopped for a rest in the village of Kamptee.

Bobby in from of an abandoned truck 1Bobby then crossed a rather old bridge and stopped outside a school in Kanhan where some buffalo had a stand-off with the Walkmobile.

At that location, there were some abandoned trucks that were rusting away and I thought they would make an excellent photo backdrop.Caution sign and wrecked truck

After resting, Bobby pushed on and we approached a very common roadside sign which rad ‘ Caution – Accident Prone Spot’. Ironically, in front of it lay the wreckage of an overturned truck!

It was a very hot day and we both desperately needed to cool off.

I had researched there was an ashram on the way but when we arrived there it was locked. I knocked on the doors for what seemed like and eternity and eventually someone opened a small flap in the gate.

I managed to persuade them to let Bobby have a shower but they said only he could as it was their prayer time.

We meet Russian backpacker Yaroslav ShapovalovI stayed in the Walkmobile working on my laptop with the engine running while Rahim prepared lunch.

For some reason the inverter in the front cab kept sounding an alarm stating that the spare battery charge was running low and eventually we decided to turn off the internal power to allow it to charge again. This meant I could do no work.

Soon Bobby returned showered, cool and refreshed.Saksham's visit Bobby in the evening

We spotted a backpacker who we invited in and offered lunch.

He was Yaroslav Shapovalov from Russia and he had been hitchhiking across India from the West to East.

We had a long and interesting chat before he said goodbye and went on his way with a full tummy.

We stopped for the night just before the village of Amadi and were visited by some Saksham’s (members from Saksham) in the evening.

Although hot, it had been a good walking day.

I went to sleep dreaming of backpacking around the world.

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