Maharashtra Border Protection Police greet Bobby

D109 (Fri 12/02/2016) 24/1570

Border Police and Government Guest Houses.

The morning was cool and clear but the fact we were in a forest meant there was no ambient light.

We were relying on the Walkmobile’s headlights to cut through the darkness.

Bobby talking with friends and the Border PoliceEvery so often, a vehicle coming the other way would temporarily blind all of us by approaching with their full beam headlights on. Unlike the UK they would not lower them when passing another vehicle unlike our driver Rahim.

These headache inducing drivers were a real pain and I could only imagine how Rahim was feeling.

By the middle of the morning we were approaching the border between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and I had arranged for our Saksham friends in Nagpur to meet us to say goodbye.Bobby walks across the border from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh with our Nagpur friends

Sometimes this was easier said then done as each side would have their own checkpoint which was sometimes a few kilometres away from the actual border and the border itself was not clearly marked with any signs saying, ‘Border Here’.

The officers at the checkpoint on the Maharashtra side greeted us after which we all took a walk to the location for our evening stop.

Bobby relaxes with our Nagpur friends at the Government Guest House in KhawasaThe surprise for Bobby that day was that a Government Guest House in the heart of the forest had been arranged for our night time stay.

These guest houses are dotted across the country and are kept fully active but are only avail;able to high ranking ministers or VIPs. Tonight, we were told we were the latter.

We all sat for a while chatting in the courtyard after which Bobby stepped inside and was greeted by a lovely room. He smiled and I knew tonight would be a good rest for him.

Unfortunately there was only one room available and that had a double bed so I made sure Bobby was comfortable and went to sleep in the Walkmobile which was parked just outside.

That night I dreamt of the red carpet treatment.

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