Bobby speaks to school children in Kurai

D110 (Sat 13/02/2016) 24/1594

A New State and a Mountain to Cross.

I was up at 04:30 and went inside the guest house to wake Bobby.

Bobby passes the gateway to an ornate Mosque in the forestHe night had been relaxing although he said the bed had been a little too hard.

It seems we had god used to the thin foam mattresses of the Walkmobile.

As we walked through the dense forest a beautifully ornate Mosque appeared, standing majestically amongst the tall trees. A lovely sight that we had not expected.Bobby reaches the state of Madhya Pradesh

It was not long before Bobby reached signs mentioning the next check post and he knew he was close to entering the next state.

Just over the border he approached the village of Kurai and was greeted by Sakshams who walked with him.

Government Guest House in KuraiAt the centre of the village, the school had lined the road to meet Bobby as he passed but he stopped there for a while to talk to them all.

Toward the end of the village was another Government Guest House where we rested for our next break. Unfortunately we still had some distance to cover as we were hoping to reach the guest house at Rukhad.

In between lay a twisty mountain route which would rise and then fall over a few kilometres before weMountain roads through the forest toward Rukhad 1 reached our final destination for the day.

I made sure Bobby rested well before starting on this gruelling leg of the route.

A few more people from the village saw him off and almost immediately the road started uphill.

Mountain roads through the forest toward Rukhad 2The rocky terrain on either side reminded of our walk after Hyderabad but this was a lot more steep and energy sapping in the hot sun.

Crazy drivers were travelling downhill and approaching the blind, mountain bends without slowing down. Only to slam on their breaks when they realised that our large vehicle was in the way and travelling at 3.5km per hour.

Impatient drivers from behind would overtake at a snails pace and force the oncoming vehicles to brake A family of monkeys waits eagerly by the Walkmobile at a rest stophard.

The only consistent thing is that the driver and passengers would be staring at us as they passed rather than concentrating on the rather dangerous road ahead.

The road carried on winding uphill, eventually flattening out where we stopped for a break and were kept company by a family of monkeys.

Mountain roads through the forest toward Rukhad 3Bobby started downhill and at the base of the mountain and on approach to Rukhad, we were greeted by two Sakshams from the village and a reporter.

Together we walked the short distance to the Government Guest House they had arranged for our stay.

The route into the guest house from the road and after some very careful driving, Rahim manoeuvred inside and along the narrow path.

Bobby sat and held an interview while I checked the surroundings. It was then I noticed I had no mobile phone signal or Internet.Bobby is greeted by more Sakshams on the Madhya Pradesh side

I asked Rahim and Satinder to check their mobiles and they also had no signal. A final check of Bobby’s mobile after his interview revealed there was no signal on any of the mobile phones we carried.

Bobby is interviewed by the media at the government resthouseOrdinarily, if one or two phones could not be used, there would be no problem but if we had no contact with the outside world it would be too much of a risk even with the guest house caretaker on our doorstep.

Unfortunately we could not stay at that location for the night and we were told that the forest ended just a short distance ahead. Beyond that we would get mobile signals and there was a petrol station.

Bobby headed out again and after this extra and unplanned session of walking, he made it to the petrol pump we had been told about.

We managed to speak to the owner who also had a dhaba/hotel by the side and he directed us to park behind the hotel as it would be more private yet still safe.

After eating, Bobby fell asleep pretty quickly

I sat on my bunk for a while knowing that this would be the last real forest on our route and Bobby had conquered it.

I fell asleep dreaming of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

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