Bobby nears Seoni

D112 (Mon 15/02/2016) 23/1617

Temple Stops and Hotel Stays.

We had skipped being eaten by tigers, passed the hurdle of the forest and had a relaxing weekend.

Sakshams from Seoni walk with Bobby 1Bobby’s foot pain was still present but he was managing well and I had almost given up on Internet updates until we reached any large town.

Bobby powered through the morning walk sessions and soon we were only 6km from Seoni which was Sakshams from Seoni walk with Bobby 2our next major stop.

I had been liaising with Mantu Agrawal fro the town and it was not long before he greeted us on the way with a number of other people.

We would be walking through the town with a short stop at a temple before proceeding to Mantu’s hotel at the far side.

You already know how we feel about walking through the busy streets of a town but having a larger group with us felt 2016-02-15 15.59.23reassuring and easier.

The traffic was becoming tight but soon we reached a motorcycle showroom which was a rest stop therefore time for some chai.

Moving on from there we arrived at the temple in the centre of town where Bobby and I were greeted with flower garlands and we went inside to receive our blessings.2016-02-15 15.59.23

The last walk session was a lot longer tan usual abut soon we saw the large roadside sign of the Grand Rajwada Hotel and we were greeted by the security guards.

In the hotel reception, Bobby has a chance to rest with a cool glass of lassi.

Bobby had a press interview which would be conducted outside in the hotel grounds.

Bobby arrives outside the Agrawal's Grand Rajwada HotelI still had a lot to do and made sure all of our required items were transferred from the Walkmobile to the hotel room.

After this I liaised with Mantu to ensure any supplies we needed were sourced before the market closed.

We also had a problem with the Walkmobile’s water tank so I also made sure a specialist was available for the repair.Bobby is interviewed in the grounds of the Grand Rajwada Hotel

After this I started on some work before joining Bobby outside when my head hurt.

We were invited to have food in the hotel’s restaurant which was heavier than we were used to but very tasty.

We retired to our room which was lovely and lay down on some very comfortable beds wishing we had more time to relax here.

I had hoped to carry on with some more work but was absolutely shattered after the long day and could not keep my eyes open.

I nodded off dreaming of sleeping on feathers.

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