Bobby is met by residents of Rahiwada

D113 (Tue 16/02/2016) 21/1638

Improvised Shade and Village Elders.

Another restful sleep but earlier than usual rise as I had to get all of our items from the hotel room back to the Walkmobile which was parked outside.

Narsinghpur is 125km awayMy plans for yesterday were executed like clockwork.

The Walkmobile’s water tank issue had been repaired and required provisions had been obtained from the market.

We waved goodbye to the security guards as we walked toward the highway which would take over 2km.Bobby is met by residents of Rahiwada

The day got very hot, very quickly and there was no shade available at our second stop location.

I asked Rahim to leave a little gap between the Walkmobile and the guard rail, placed a chair in the shade which gave Bobby a cool place to sit.

The small village of Rahiwada was ahead and I had been liaising with the Elders for Bobby to speak on The petrol pump owner and son say hello at Aloniyahis way through.

A number of people joined us and walked with Bobby to the centre of the village where he talked to them at length.

We then made our way north, back toward the highway to carry on the Walk.

By the evening we managed to find a petrol station to park for the night and the very accommodating Sikh owner drove in with his young son to specially meet Bobby.

Another day had passed and many more village speeches had been planned in the coming days.

I went to sleep dreaming of villages greens at the centre of the community.

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