Bobby speaks to villagers at Chhapara

D114 (Wed 17/02/2016) 23/1661

Dhol Players and Tickly Coughs.

Bobby was off to a cracking start.

Lorries thunder past Bobby in the morning on the way to ChhaparaWe covered a lot of ground in the first session as convoys of trucks thundered past.

It wasn’t long before Bobby was crossing the bridge over the Bainganga River.

This river flowed into the massive Bheemgarh Reservoir which was created by the Bheemgargh Dam.Bobby nears the village of Chhapara

Incidentally, this dam is the largest mud/earth dam in Asia.

Just as the day before, I had arranged for Bobby to talk at another village meeting.

This time I had been speaking to Sant Kumar (Santu) and Bobby would be talking to the town of Chhapara.

As the river caused a massive detour into the town from the south, I decided we would walk along the Bobby crosses over the Bainganga Riverhighway, bypassing the town and would drive in from the north side.

When we arrived at the designated location in the town centre, dhol players welcomed us a a large group of people assembled.

Bobby spoke at length about the walk and organ donation, especially eyes.Bobby speaks to villagers at Chhapara

He also spoke about the government’s clean India campaign and girl child education initiatives.

As we were about to leave, we were offered Indian sweets and Santu told us he would source ice and catch up with us via car.

A large group walked with Bobby out of the town and some way up the highway.

Villagers from Chhapara see Bobby offI hung back with the Walkmobile to help with the ice when Santu caught up with us.

By the time we caught up with Bobby, he was suffering from an irritating tickly cough that was getting worse to the point of making him feel sick.Rahim decides to shave his head

At first he thought he had something stuck in his throat from the Indian sweets but as the day wore on we began to think that may not be the case.

By the end of the day, we had located a large dhaba and parked behind it away from the busy road.

There was a barber attached and Bobby decided to have a trim followed by Rahim who decided to shave all his hair off in the extreme heat.

Bobby cough was still bad.

We decided to go to sleep early and see how he was the next day.

I went to sleep dreaming of Covonia.

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