A family of monkeys walks with Bobby

D117 (Sat 20/02/2016) 25/1722

Monkey Tolls and Banana Currency.

A lovely cool breeze in the morning made walking pleasant despite Bobby’s cough.

Bobby is 24km from NarsinghpurThe bouts of coughing were sometimes so severe that they were affecting Bobby’s breathing rhythm, leaving him breathless.

Narsinghpur was edging closer and the sign told us it was only 24km away.

I had already decided that we were going to avoid the main town and stay on the highway to conserve ourBobby crosses the Machrewa River precious time.

Bobby crossed the Machrewa River which was practically dry.

A family of monkeys blocked Bobby’s path at a junction. I suppose we were were encroaching on their A family of monkeys greet Bobby on the way to Narsinghpurterritory and they didn’t seemed to happy.

Bobby paid them their highway toll in bananas and they escorted us past their manor.

As the evening wore on I was once again getting worried about a location to stop but then another petrol station appeared that has not quite been built yet and they allowed us to stay.

I went to sleep thinking that we needed more bananas.

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