Lovely view from a bridge as Bobby nears Narsinghpur

D118 (Sun 21/02/2016) 21/1743

We Have Lift Off and Ice.

Today would normally be a rest day but we had agreed after calculation that we would need to walk today to reach our target markers.

Last night, Bobby’s sleep was broken by bouts of coughing. He was tired and feeling quite miserable when he got up.

I was very busy liaising with Santu from one of the earlier towns to get us some ice and to make sure Bobby was OK while walking, hence the lack of photos.

Bobby managed a very respectable 21km before we called it a day and found a working pump to rest at for the the night.

I updated Santu on our location and he brought the ice which cheered Bobby up a little (warm drinking water is not a fun thin in these conditions).

I spent the a good few hour re-programming the quad-copter and finally we had stable flight. I was over the moon as I had wanted to capture so many aerial images of the earlier walk locations but was unable to as flying the drone would have been too risky.

I knew I would be able to test the drone further with some test flights during tomorrow’s walk.

I persuaded the manager to let me use the office desk and power after which I spent 5hrs straight saving our fuel/power by doing all our large uploads until my head hurt.

I went to sleep dreaming of Nurofen.

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