A pump dog keeps guard over the Walkmobile

D119 (Mon 22/02/2016) 24/1767

Thick Fog and Doctor Diversions.

I was awake for a lot of the night worrying about Bobby but he seemed to have a slightly better sleep.

Narsinghpur was to our north and we were bypassing it by staying on the highway.

When we disembarked from the Walkmobile, the air was thick with a dense fog.

Jhansi is 325km away but there is a Barman at 11kmVisibility became so bad that I cut the walk session short and Rahim parked well off the road until sun rose and mist cleared.

A roadside marker told us Jhansi was 325km away but I was happy because the the same sign told us there was a Barman only 11km away!

We carried on until we found a petrol station to rest at for a short while.

Bobby’s cough still lingering and the top of his left ankle was now hurting.

I was concerned, so I called and messaged Mantu to see if a doctor could see him and luckily I received a reply and contacted the relevant individual.

I marked our coordinates, instructed Rahim to turn the Walkmobile around and head back toward the village of Kareli which we had passed shortly earlier.

Unfortunately we could only drive a short way into town as our large vehicle would not pass down the narrowing road.

We parked up and I arranged for another individual to pick us up and take us to the doctor.

Bobby was seen and x-rayed.

Once again he was told to rest and was also given medicine to help his cough. I knew if Bobby could gt a good sleep, it would help his normal rhythm.

We thanked everyone and went back to our marked location.

Bobby cough seemed a lot more suppressed when we reached another petrol pump which was to be our stop for the night.

As Rahim prepared our food, the eager pump dog circled the Walkmobile hoping for his share.
I went to sleep hoping Bobby had a better sleep.

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