Sagar is only 101km away

D120 (Tue 23/02/2016) 24/1791

Friendly Chats and those Rich at Heart.

It had been a good night.

Bobby passes lush and green fieldsBobby had been getting a better rest and was managing his ever present foot pain.

The highway was in good condition since we had started to head north after Narsinghpur.

Bobby passed a sign telling us Sagar was 101km away and this was the next major town we would encounter.Rahim and I negotiate at a highway toll booth

We were passing lush fields that were looking more lush and green.

Bobby crossed over the Narmada River as he headed toward Sagri

I managed to negotiate with another toll booth who waved our highway fee saving us some more money.

A passing farmer donates Rs500I eventually found a petrol pump for the night near the village of Vindali.

A passing farmer came into the Walkmobile to speak to Bobby after noticing it when he passed by on his tractor.

He listened for a long while then reached into his pocket and handed us Rs 500 as a donation.

Furthermore, he wanted Bobby to attend his daughter’s wedding next year!

Bobby exchanged contact details and we got ready to rest for the night.

I went to sleep thinking it was mostly those less well off who had been donating to us.

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