Residents from the town of Rehli walk with Bobby

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Village Hall Speeches and Hotels in the Middle of Nowhere.

Bobby’s pace was up and he had managed to cover a lot of ground.

Sagar is 72km awayHe was powering through and soon passed a sign telling us Sagar was 72km away.

The local liaison for Saksham had been asking me to walk through the village of Deori which was on our route.

I had explained that the narrow. bumpy roads were a problem for Bobby to walk on.

This had happened many times and no matter how much I explained the above and the fact that the Walkmobile followed behind at a very slow speed, it tool a lot of effort before they would back down.

I told them we would be walking along the bypass and they would be welcome to join us. Once we found a suitable stop location for the night, they could send a vehicle fort Bobby who would be very happy to talk Bobby speaks to residents of Rehli in the village hallin their village providing they honoured his set schedule for eating and sleeping.

In this case we agreed that some residents from the village of Deori would walk a short while with Bobby.

That evening we found and excellent hotel and restaurant on the opposite side of the road and we were offered a room to shower in.

We felt extremely calm and relaxed as we rested.

I asked why they had chosen that location as it was quite rural and it seemed they had removed a section of hill to level the ground which seemed a lot of effort.

The owner pf the roadside dhaba with BobbyThe owner told us he had seem many places and together with a religious man, they had settled on this location even though it was not flat as it had given them a good vibe.

I loved the fact they had set-up here that way and the aura seemed to be present all around.

The owner made us feel extremely welcome and I flexed the quad-coptor’s rotors in the hotel grounds flying over 1km straight up to capture the landscape.

Bobby and freshened up and a car collected us at 6pm for the short drive into Deori where Bobby spoke about the Walk in the village hall.

We were returned to the hotel on time and the owner ushered us into the private dining room where we were waited on hand and foot.

The food was amazing and my only wish was that I was more hungry.

Bobby slept in the room and I made myself comfortable in the Walkmobile.

I went to sleep dreaming of peaceful auras.

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