Residents of Deori visit Bobby

D122 (Thu 25/02/2016) 22/1838

Old Dhaba’s and Our Own Slice of Countryside.

After a very restful night of food and sleep at the hotel, Bobby awoke refreshed.

The Walkmobile headlights show Bobby the wayWe hit the road on time and the lights of the Walkmobile lit our way until the sun raised its head and took over.

Bobby passed over a small river and the village of Gourjhamar.

The village of Surki was in the distance but we reached our target distance before it and found a large and busy dhaba by the roadside.Rahim finds a field to park in

When we explained our situation, the owner directed us a short way down an old broken-up road to a dilapidated shack.

He told us that was the old highway before the multi-lane one was built and that old building was the original dhaba.

Rahim and Satinder rest under a treeHe had retained a water supply there from a well and he told us the location would be more quiet for us to rest.

We appreciated his hospitality and I updated the village contact of our location.

It was not long before a number of people from Surki arrived to say hello and I sat with them to plan Bobby’s speech there tomorrow.

When they left, we relaxed in the surrounding countryside with even Rahim a Satinder finding a spot under a tree by the old building.


I went to sleep thinking of change and that the old should not necessarily be forgotten.

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