Bobby speaking to the vilage of Surkhi

D123 (Fri 26/02/2016) 23/1861

Lakeside Views and Wedding Bands.

A good sleep had meant that Bobby’s irritating cough was beginning to reduce.

Residents from Surkhi walk with Bobby early in the morning 1Bobby made good pace in the morning session despite an increasing pain in the bone above the ankle of his left leg.

We were only a few kilometres south of the village called Surkhi.

I had made previous arrangements for Bobby to speak in the village today and a a large number of residents made the brave morning trek to greet him as he walked.Residents from Surkhi walk with Bobby early in the morning 2

There would be no point bypassing the town so we walked through the old, narrow and bumpy high street to the centre of town.

This time Bobby was even more happy to talk as some ladies had arrived and he ensured they had a space a the front to sit and listen.

After the talk, a small group of people accompanied Bobby north, through the town, to meet the highway which would Bobby leaves Surkhi toward Sagartake us toward Sagar.

I had already been liaising with Saksham’s Sagar representative, Dr Anup Sahu and had arranged our night’s stay and a hospital check-up.

He met us on the outskirts of town with a reporter from Bansal News and was interviewed right there on the roadside.

Bobby carried on as far as he could until he was advised that Dr Anup Sahu interviews Bobbythe roads would be too busy to proceed to the stay location so we followed a car which directed us first to a hospital that had been arranged for the x-ray and check-up.

The orthopaedic surgeon told Bobby the news I had heard many times before. He was straining his feet and was not giving them enough time to rest after injury. He suggested that Bobby needed to rest for at least 8 weeks.

He also gave tablets to increase his bone health along with other medicine for the pain.

Roadside interview with Bansal News outside SagarWe left there with Bobby feeling a little low as he did after every hospital visit as he knew he could not rest until after the walk had finished.

We sat in the car and were told that the bus would follow s we drove through the extremely busy town and down a narrow lane that led to the guest house.

This was in a beautiful location on the edge of the lake in the middle of Sagar.

Unfortunately they were unable to give us a ground floor room as I had requested and I already knew that two flights of stairs would be a problem for Bobby over the weekend stay.

Another problem was that the bus had to park nearly half a kilometre away and this would pose further Bobby with the reporter from Bansal News in Sagarproblems with the movement of our items. Especially since we used to unload only a portion of our items and would normally return multiple times for items we had forgotten or did not need straight away.

This was especially true of my electronics which were numerous and bulky.

We stayed in the room and Dr Anup Sahu very graciously brought over some home cooked food for our dinner while he checked the availability of other rooms.

View from the lakeside guest house in SagarUnfortunately his family had a wedding to go to and it was the busiest wedding weekend in that town. Despite this, Dr Sahu tried every suitable hotel but was unable to find a room for the next two nights.

I made a decision to return to Walkmobile to sleep as we had not yet unloaded anything. We would then find a petrol pump closer to our exit route and drive there after breakfast the next morning.

Dr Sahu was very apologetic but we knew it was not his fault.

The bus was also parked by the side of the lake but on the busy main road. Mosquitoes and the sounds of vehicle horns filled the air. Every so often, wedding procession would pass slowly by with the ‘Band Baja’ playing a mix of Bollywood hits … usually out of tune.

This would normally have been annoying but it was strangely soothing tonight.

I de-bugged the Walkmobile as best I could and we settled down for the night.

I went to sleep dreaming of a ‘Band Baja’ at the Proms.

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