Bobby buys new trainers in Sagar

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Lakeside Speeches and New Clogs.

The Delhi Belly had luckily not paid us a visit after last night’s wedding food.

Bobby addresses a group at the lakeside guest houseA restful night meant that we had a lot of energy for today’s early start.

A car arrived at 08:00 to pick us up and take us to the lakeside guest house where Bobby gave a speech to the assembled people.

Afterwards, we assembled in the courtyard and admired the views before heading back to Dr Sahu’s hospital.

I had noticed the sole of Bobby’s trainers were very worn Bobby addresses a group at the lakeside guest house 2and had advised him to source a new pair in Sagar. He also needed a better pair of tracksuit bottoms to where while walking.

The market was open but the streets were too busy and narrow for a car.

Instead we sat on as passengers on the back of two motorcycles as we headed to the shops, weaving in and out of the heavy traffic.

Bobby tries on lots of trainers to find the right pair in SagarWe eventually managed to get both items, spending a lot of time selecting the right footwear.

Bobby was very happy and it was now getting late so we returned to the hospital.

Dr Sahu’s colleague lived next door and we had been invited to have dinner with his family.

The food was excellent as we sat traditionally on the floor amongst lovely company.

Alas, the day was at an end and we knew it would be difficult to say goodbye to Sagar and our friends when we left tomorrow morning.

Dr Sahu dropped us off at th Walkmobile and said he would be in touch with us over the next few days as we headed north.

I checked that Satinder had gathered the provisions we needed for the next leg of the walk and we settled down to sleep.

I dreamt that night of Bobby walking with a spring in his step.

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