Bobby is well on the way to Jhansi

D126 (Mon 29/02/2016) 25/1900

A Good Start and Bad End.

We left the Sagar petrol station in the early hours, taking the nearby slip-road onto our highway.

We had been told by Dr Sahu that there were no petrol station for around 75km and I remember being told the same about this section of road when we left Seoni.

Windy roads after SagarWe would need to rely on dhaba’s and hope they were in the right location for when we needed to stop for the night.

The highway swept around some hills as we made our way passed the village of Khajuriya Guru.

It was not long before Bobby was over the Dassan River and I was hoping for a good stop location to appear soon.

Luckily a dhaba arrived just before the village of Suneti and they were happy to have us park up for the Bobby passes a lovely church after Sagarnight.

Bobby was a bit quiet and was suffering from slight tummy pains. I was hoping he was not suffering from the wedding food as it can take up to 72hrs for symptoms to show.

We rested for a while but Bobby did not want to eat a full meal that evening. Instead we broke up some pieces of bread and soaked them in warm milk, hoping it would be light enough for him to digest while still giving him some energy.

I checked Bobby’s temperature and it was slightly elevated so I gave him Paracetamol and would see how he was the next morning.

It seemed that we would solve one issue and another would take it’s place giving me a constant stream of problems to juggle.

I went to sleep dreaming of running the hurdles at the Olympics

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