Filming Bobby's CAMBA video with the quadcopter 1

D129 (Thu 03/03/2016) 16/1939

A Healthy Return and Quad-copter Videos.

Bobby was feeling a lot better. He knew we had lost a day but I told him not to push himself and that I would spread the distance over many weeks.

Bobby making his way to MalthoneBobby cracked on and you will notice the distance is only 16km for today.

In the past, we had been keeping Saturday as a half day and Sunday as a rest day but after Bobby’s illness we decided it would be better to have the half day in the middle of the week.

We found a petrol station for the night and made ourselves comfortable.

For the last few weeks, Shirish from Saksham in Nagpur had been asking me for a recent video of Bobby talking about the Walk. They were holding the launch of their Corneal Blindness Initiative (CAMBA) in Delhi on 5th March and wanted to show it there.Filming Bobby's CAMBA video with the quadcopter 2

Bobby was feeling better and I thought this would not be a problem so I pulled out the video camera I had borrowed in the UK and filmed the video. Unfortunately the output was not HD and this was what had been requested.

I thought of shooting it on my iPhone but the small microphone and inability to keep it steady would not fit the bill either.

I remembered the quad-copter had a Go-Pro camera that shot in HD but it was secured by Allen screws which we could not undo.

In the end, I made a base out of a chair and stool, on top of which I sat the quad-copter. I used the wireless up-link to frame the shot on a remote screen and filmed the sequence.

Truck were passing and blowing their horns and I knew the audio would be a problem.

After the shoot, I extracted the audio, removed the background noises best I could and amplified it a little.

I then added it to the footage in place of the original audio and then edited the video with overlays and titles.

The resulting footage was a few GB in size so I kicked off a rather slow Dropbox upload which took many hours to complete.

The result was, I managed to get the edited footage to Saksham in time for their deadline.

I was please but exhausted and went to sleep thinking necessity is the mother of invention.

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