Bobby and Rajan pose for photos at a Lalitpur Petrol Station 1

D132 (Sun 06/03/2016) 0/1989

Mosquito Tornado’s and Petrol Pump Photo Shoots.

We awoke later and relaxed early in the day.

Bobby and Rajan pose for photos at a Lalitpur Petrol Station 3The petrol pump was quite busy as it was right on the edge of town on the highway.

It was afternoon when a car arrived to take Bobby and myself into town.

A meeting had been arranged in the central park where a lot of people had gathered to hear Bobby speak.Bobby is interviewed at a Lalitpur Petrol Station

Everything was fine except that the area was full with mosquitoes.

There were so many, that when you looked up, there were a few hundred of them circling in a whirlwind over your head.

I’m sure I swallowed one too.

I was glad when this talk was over and we could head to the safety of the car making sure not to bring any of the little flying critters with us.

Bobby and Rajan pose for photos at a Lalitpur Petrol Station 2Back at the petrol station the media arrived to take pictures of Bobby next to the Walkmobile and this caught the attention of the petrol station owner who was just visiting.

He turned out to be extremely nice and we talked with him at length before I went to make sure that Satinder had obtained the list of provisions we needed for the next sector of the walk.

All was good except that no ice was to be found.

That meant hot drinking water until it could be located but the petrol station owner said he would try to source some and get it to us en-route tomorrow.


That night I went to sleep dreaming I was staying in the Ice Hotel.

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