Bobby nears the village of Talbahat

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Lavish Suites and Wooden Brooms.

The day started fresh and early with Bobby crossing a bridge over the Shahjad Reservoir.

Green fields near TeraiI had been speaking to the village of Talbahat ahead which was next door to the smaller village of Khandi.

They had wanted us to walk through the town but I told them of the problems that would cause.

We would bypass the town along the highway and then turn off the highway in the north to backtrack along the old high street.

Ravi Shankar Agariya was the person I had been talking to and he had arranged some very special accommodation in the center of town.

Bobby powered on past the town and then we doubled back for 1.5km.Some nifty off-road parking from Rahim

We were met by Ravi who directed us to a very lavish suite in the government rest house.

This suite was massive with two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge and a dining room complete with conference table for ten people.

I knew we would rest well tonight but not before we held a press conference in the dining room, followed by a meeting in the lounge with a further talk on the veranda.

One of the residents brought a wooden broom at the request of Bobby after we revealed our push for a cleaner India and the various talks Bobby had held on that subject.

It was an excellent but tiring night.

That night I went to sleep dreaming I was swept into luxury.

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