The road to Babina

D135 (Wed 09/03/2016) 24/2061

Flowering Tree Trunks and Spontaneous Jogging.

Bobby had a very relaxing sleep in the suite that night.

Early start over the Bensa RiverI had been taking advantage of the power and worked until 02:30, catching 2 hrs of sleep before waking Bobby up.

We started on our way in the darkness and Bobby crossed the mighty Bensa River.Flowering tree trunks at the side of the highway

We passed some tree stumps that were engulfed in a bush that was flowering giving a lovely burst of colour at the side.

We noticed that the terrain was getting quite rocky.

Rahim had to narrowly avoid the boulders and sharp rocks that littered the side of the highway when he needed to park.

Bobby was loving his new trainers and proved it by breaking into a jog for a short section.

Rahim avoids the rocks when parkingHe had not worn any inserts in these new ones since he bought them in Sagar.

I was so glad that he was feeling more comfortable.

We bypassed the rather large town of Babina and stopped a little further along the highway at Ganesh Pura.


That night I dreamt of Bobby jogging all the way to Delhi.

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