Bobby meets the army near Datia

D137 (Fri 11/03/2016) 25/2112

Mystically Named Towns and the Indian Army.

Bobby seemed a a lot happier this morning.

The sun rises over the WalkmobileUsually during the first session, not a word is uttered and although this session was the same, Bobby’s walk seemed a little lighter.

This morning walk is usually a time to take stock of the last day and prepare for this one.Strange that roadsign since Jhansi have been only in Hindi

Sometimes you just absorb the surroundings and get lost in its beauty.

The sun rose to another gorgeous day.

The road out of Jhansi was not too good and construction meant that space to walk was restricted.

On the other hand, it also gave us handy places to park and the ability for Rahim to manoeuvre out of the sun.

Bobby passed under a road sign and I noticed that strangely since Jhansi, all of the road signs were in Bobby passes some old but ornate arches at ChandraHindi only.

We passed towns with names more at home in Lord of the Rings like Chandra and Gandhar.Bobby Satinder and Rahim relax outside a dhaba near Datia

Bobby also passed some interesting architecture on buildings that were a mix of old and modern.

By the evening we noticed a large army truck outside a dhaba and decided this would be our stop for the night.

The army dudes posed with Bobby after they were given details about th Walk.

After that we unloaded our plastic chairs and relaxed in the cool breeze for a while before retiring into the Walkmobile for dinner.

That night I went to sleep thinking if Bollywood did an army movie it would be called GI Jhat.

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