The Walkmobile poses after the Sindh River

D138 (Sat 12/03/2016) 25/2137

Painful Knees and a River with Water.

Bobby got off to a good start from the dhaba near Datia.

One giant leap for BobbykindHe powered through the morning passing Murera but started to feel a little knee pain.

This tended to be more pronounced when he exited the Walkmobile as the steps were quite high.

The pain got gradually worse throughout the rest of the day.Bobby crosses the Sindh River

I made sure that Bobby had a pain patch on early in the day which should be kicking in at any time.

We made it to Kotra and across the mighty Sindh River which was one of the few we had passed which actually had an abundance of water.

A good spot for the weekend was found at a Dabra petrol pump and we settled down.

We find a good petrol station in Dabra to rest at for the weekendThe water was salty but we didn’t care.

There was a cool breeze blowing across the forecourt and a large sign to block the sun during the day.

Yes, this would suit us just fine.

That night I went to sleep dreaming I woke up covered in salt crystals.

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