The hilltop temple at Jorasi

D140 (Mon 14/03/2016) 23/2160

Hills with Temples and Steps Too Far.

Worsening knee pain had affected Bobby’s sleep.

I could tell from his facial grimace when he made his way down from the Walkmobile.

Now Bobby is a proud man so I had to spend a lot of time asking and digging before he would let on that severe pain was present.

I did not care if I annoyed him every five minutes if I knew he was suffering in silence.

When he was hot and thirsty after the third walk session, I shouted at Satinder to get him a ‘Pepsi stat’. Mainly because I’ve always wanted to shout ‘stat’ at the end of a sentence.

He was letting it bother him though and set his mind on getting close to the city of Gwalior.

We wouldn’t quite reach there tonight though.

Instead he whisked past Tekanpur, curved around Bona and waved goodbye to Beragarh.

We stopped for the night at a dhaba opposite a proud hill with a temple on top of it just before Jorasi.

This was just a night stop and we would be ready for the media at the next stop in Gwalior.

I went to sleep dreaming I starred in Casualty.

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