A train of camels saunters past the Walkmobile

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Which Way to Go and Palace Parking.

We got off to a slightly better start with Bobby having less knee pain.

Bobby and his handlebar moustacheBy the time the sun was up he was joking by twisting his moustache hairs.

I had been talking top Ankhit Purohit and Sunil and Kartik Moghe who were based in Gwalior.

They had told me the the highway would fork and I was to take the fork that went past the ITM University.

I thought this was pretty straightforward until I checked in the early hours of the morning and discovered that both routes went past an ITM University building!

I couldn’t call anyone as it was too early so I took a gamble and chose the right hand route.

We parked a little further up the road top rest.Gwalior is only 16km away

Shortly afterwards a long caravan train of people and camels passed by on their way back to Rajasthan after working.

I got a call from my contacts and my gamble had paid off.

We were on the right route and a little later they turned up to guide us through the city to our night stop.

Gwalior was a sprawling city broken up my small hills which meant the roads undulated as they wound their way forward.

Bobby being interviewed in GwaliorWe had been given an excellent spot to park next to the Usha Kiran Palace Hotel.

The surrounding grounds were actually made up of very old buildings from the original royal palace estate.

We were given a chance to freshen up before the media descended during which time I took out the quad-copter for some aerial videos.

There was then another break for a few hours during which I made sure the provisions we required were We say goodbye to our Gwalior friendssourced from market.

Our list was long and I am extremely grateful for the hard work put in to get all of the items requested to us.

At 6pm a meeting had been arranged in one of the old buildings and many people turned up to hear Bobby speak. Even I took to the microphone tonight.

The meeting was followed by tea and snacks in the courtyard where we mingled with those that had attended.

Time was running short so when the crowd dwindled, we retired to the Walkmobile for dinner and a good rest.

That night I actually slept in the middle of a palace.

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