Bobby walks in the light of the headlights as the sun rises

D143 (Thur 17/03/2016) 26/2236

Rajasthan Sand and Narrow Bridges.

Bobby knew we were making good ground.

At this pace we would be arriving in Agra on Saturday andAgra is 62km away that would be exactly on target.

The Walkmobile’s headlights illuminated the path in front of Bobby.

We took it for granted just how much we relied on that light in the morning darkness.

I told Rahim to switch them off for a few seconds just so we could appreciate the work they were doing inBobby passes an ancient roadside marker showing us the way.

Bobby passed Nivi, Sikrauda and Jarah.

We were very close to the border which followed the line of the Chambel River.

When we got close to the bridge we noticed that the old, single-track one was in use while the larger one We cross the Chambel River by bus as the narrow bridge is too dangerous to walkwas being constructed.

We had no option but to get on the bus and drive across as there was no footpath and it would be too dangerous.

The river was quite full and just as soon as we crossed, as if by magic the terrain changed to the red sand of Rajasthan!

We rested for a while on the other side before Bobby walked through the town of Dholpur.

I knew there was a petrol station on the far side of town and that is where we stopped for the night.

I went to sleep dreaming of red sandy deserts and the colourful dress of Rajasthan.

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