Rajan's laptop s taken apart for repair

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Nowhere to Stay and Laptop Disaster.

We were up feeling fresh with a early push toward Agra.

The Taj Mahal is 11km awayI knew the traffic would start to get quite busy even though we were still a few kilometres out.

A roadside sign told us that the Taj Mahal was 11km away and we felt a surge of energy toward this goal.

During the daylight rest breaks, Bobby was now putting pen to paper as he made notes for his closing ceremony speech.

I decided to clear some more diary uploads and went to power on my laptop but there was nothing.

I tried again and checked there was power going into the adapter which was evident by a blue light on the plug. It was alight but still the laptop was not showing any sights of life.

You will recall in earlier posts that this laptop was an expensive graphics workstation that was rather Bobby pens his end of walk speech during a rest breakdelicate and not designed to be used in this harsh environment.

I had previously patched up its power socket with surgical tape to prevent undue strain from damaging the connector.

I had no option but to remove the tape and the problem was staring me in the face.

The fine wine connections to the back of the laptop’s power socket from the system board had severed!The power connector on the backup laptop snaps off

This was a disaster as it meant that we had lost the main laptop for the walk.

I decided to wait until we stopped to see if I could find a repair shop which might be able to re-solder the connections although I knew it would be a delicate job.

Bobby wound his way into the city of Agra.

Rahim knew of a petrol station to the east of the city which was close to the Taj Mahal and may be less busy than the other pumps in the city.

We headed there but upon arrival it became apparent that it was already full.Agra is only 8km away

We stopped for a while outside the Hotel which was next door before we were moved along by their security guards.

Luckily this was Rahim’s domain as he had frequented there often. He made a few phone calls and had secured us a parking spot outside the Hotel a little up the road.

As we drove there, I noticed a small sign for a computer accessories store and when we stopped I grabbed Satinder and headed thee with my laptop.

The repair shop first tries to solder the connectorI sat in the tiny store on a milk crate while they attempted many times to solder the connector back on but it was too delicate and the joints would not hold.

They said they could get a new connector from the market but would need to disassemble the laptop to get at the connector inside the laptop on the other end of the wire.

I was hoping to avoid this situation and there are many steps involved in opening a laptop involving some very small and delicate connectors.

I had no option and they slowly started. When they came to remove the keyboard, slight pressure was required to release the ribbon cable but when they applied it, the connector broke.

This could be a problem later but they continued and released the connector from the system board and hour later.

The shop owner sent a guy 8km to the market on a scooter and he returned over one hour later after visits to multiple shops before he found the right one.

Everything was partially reassembled and luckily the laptop fired up but the loose keyboard connector meant that the keys would not word and no matter how much we tweaked and taped there connector down, I knew that the keyboard was dead.

I told them to fully reassemble the laptop and told them to give me the USB keyboard from their PC which worked when I plugged it in.

Not an ideal solution but one which meant I could see the laptop through to the end of the walk even though it was practically a thousand pounds of laptop down the pan and for that, I was not happy.

I returned back to the Walkmobile after seven hours in the repair shop without eating or drinking and it was now late evening.

I slept that night thinking I should have brought an armour plated laptop to bring on this walk.

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