• Rajan's laptop s taken apart for repair

    D145 (Sat 19/03/2016) 26/2289

    Nowhere to Stay and Laptop Disaster. We were up feeling fresh with a early push toward Agra. I knew the traffic would start to get quite busy even though we were still a few kilometres out. A roadside sign told us that the Taj Mahal was 11km away and we felt a surge of energy

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  • Agra is only 25km away

    D144 (Fri 18/03/2016) 27/2263

    Another Border and Sunrise Interviews. We had been in Dholpur overnight which is situated in the state of Rajasthan. We had only just crossed into that state yesterday and today we would be crossing over another border back into Uttar Pradesh. It was late morning when Bobby crossed over the small bridge over the Utangan

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  • Bobby walks in the light of the headlights as the sun rises

    D143 (Thur 17/03/2016) 26/2236

    Rajasthan Sand and Narrow Bridges. Bobby knew we were making good ground. At this pace we would be arriving in Agra on Saturday and that would be exactly on target. The Walkmobile’s headlights illuminated the path in front of Bobby. We took it for granted just how much we relied on that light in the

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  • The sun sets over the Walkmobile near Morena

    D142 (Wed 16/03/2016) 26/2210

    River Crossings and a Push Toward the Border. The sign told Bobby that Agra was 96km and Delhi was 296km away. Bobby was really pushing toward the famous city as it had been a while since he had visited the Taj Mahal. Today’s route took us past Bamor, Seva and Nurabad. After this there was

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  • A train of camels saunters past the Walkmobile

    D141 (Tue 15/03/2016) 24/2184

    Which Way to Go and Palace Parking. We got off to a slightly better start with Bobby having less knee pain. By the time the sun was up he was joking by twisting his moustache hairs. I had been talking top Ankhit Purohit and Sunil and Kartik Moghe who were based in Gwalior. They had

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  • The hilltop temple at Jorasi

    D140 (Mon 14/03/2016) 23/2160

    Hills with Temples and Steps Too Far. Worsening knee pain had affected Bobby’s sleep. I could tell from his facial grimace when he made his way down from the Walkmobile. Now Bobby is a proud man so I had to spend a lot of time asking and digging before he would let on that severe

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  • The Walkmobile poses after the Sindh River

    D138 (Sat 12/03/2016) 25/2137

    Painful Knees and a River with Water. Bobby got off to a good start from the dhaba near Datia. He powered through the morning passing Murera but started to feel a little knee pain. This tended to be more pronounced when he exited the Walkmobile as the steps were quite high. The pain got gradually

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  • Bobby meets the army near Datia

    D137 (Fri 11/03/2016) 25/2112

    Mystically Named Towns and the Indian Army. Bobby seemed a a lot happier this morning. Usually during the first session, not a word is uttered and although this session was the same, Bobby’s walk seemed a little lighter. This morning walk is usually a time to take stock of the last day and prepare for

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  • Bobby is presented with Jhansi Ki Rani in Jhansi

    D136 (Thu 10/03/2016) 26/2087

    Warrior Queens and Evening Surprises. Bobby still had a spring in his step from the day before. As soon as the sun was up he broke into another jog along the highway Maybe it was because we were not far from Jhansi? He was past the village of Tilak Nagar by late morning and we

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  • The road to Babina

    D135 (Wed 09/03/2016) 24/2061

    Flowering Tree Trunks and Spontaneous Jogging. Bobby had a very relaxing sleep in the suite that night. I had been taking advantage of the power and worked until 02:30, catching 2 hrs of sleep before waking Bobby up. We started on our way in the darkness and Bobby crossed the mighty Bensa River. We passed

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