• Bobby nears the village of Talbahat

    D134 (Tue 08/03/2016) 23/2037

    Lavish Suites and Wooden Brooms. The day started fresh and early with Bobby crossing a bridge over the Shahjad Reservoir. I had been speaking to the village of Talbahat ahead which was next door to the smaller village of Khandi. They had wanted us to walk through the town but I told them of the

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  • Gorgeous sunrise after Lalitpur

    D133 (Mon 07/03/2016) 25/2014

    Golden Sunrises and Ice Angels. Bobby started on time from the Lalitpur petrol station. Due to its location at the extreme north of the town, we were already clear and on our way. The darkness gave way to a gorgeous sunrise. Bobby marched past Ronda before stopping at a petrol station for a rest at

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  • Bobby and Rajan pose for photos at a Lalitpur Petrol Station 1

    D132 (Sun 06/03/2016) 0/1989

    Mosquito Tornado’s and Petrol Pump Photo Shoots. We awoke later and relaxed early in the day. The petrol pump was quite busy as it was right on the edge of town on the highway. It was afternoon when a car arrived to take Bobby and myself into town. A meeting had been arranged in the

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  • Bobby powers toward Lalitpur

    D131 (Sat 05/03/2016) 25/1989

    Another Milestone and Weekend Rest. Bobby was up soon after I woke him and was out of the door quicker than me. That morning he walked past the village of Birda The highway detoured around the massive Gobind Sagar Reservoir at the village of Sankli. Soon we were heading north again toward the town of

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  • Bobby crosses from Madhya Pradesh into Uttar Pradesh

    D130 (Fri 04/03/2016) 25/1964

    Hidden Energy and Border Crossings. Bobby pushed ahead with some hidden energy and renewed vigour. He knew we would be crossing borders today and maybe that is what was driving him. It wasn’t long that a sign appeared in the morning darkness telling us an integrated border check-post was ahead. Not long after that we

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  • Filming Bobby's CAMBA video with the quadcopter 1

    D129 (Thu 03/03/2016) 16/1939

    A Healthy Return and Quad-copter Videos. Bobby was feeling a lot better. He knew we had lost a day but I told him not to push himself and that I would spread the distance over many weeks. Bobby cracked on and you will notice the distance is only 16km for today. In the past, we

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  • The Walkmobile rests outside a dhaba 2

    D128 (Wed 02/03/2016) 0/1923

    Lost days and Doctor Visits. Bobby was too poorly and I called a stop to the walk. I called Dr Anup Sahu from Sagar who arrived a few hours later. He made sure that Bobby’s hydration level was correct and brought some pain relief patches to allow for controlled release without affecting his stomach. We

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  • The Walkmobile rests outside a dhaba 1

    D127 (Tue 01/03/2016) 23/1923

    Fevers and Lucky Stops. Bobby was still not doing well. I checked him temperature in the early morning but he was still running a fever and was suffering from pain in his left foot. Bobby popped a Paracetamol tablet into his mouth, washed down with some water and started on his way. He soldiered on

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  • Bobby is well on the way to Jhansi

    D126 (Mon 29/02/2016) 25/1900

    A Good Start and Bad End. We left the Sagar petrol station in the early hours, taking the nearby slip-road onto our highway. We had been told by Dr Sahu that there were no petrol station for around 75km and I remember being told the same about this section of road when we left Seoni.

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  • Bobby buys new trainers in Sagar

    D125 (Sun 28/02/2016) 0/1875

    Lakeside Speeches and New Clogs. The Delhi Belly had luckily not paid us a visit after last night’s wedding food. A restful night meant that we had a lot of energy for today’s early start. A car arrived at 08:00 to pick us up and take us to the lakeside guest house where Bobby gave

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