• Bobby is none too happy of my sneaky pic

    D124 (Sat 27/02/2016) 14/1875

    Wedding Guests and Open Air Showers. It was Saturday but the next two days in Sagar were to be rest days. Although we had slept in the Walkmobile on the the busy main road, we had slept well. Breakfast was consumed and as planned the night before, I had researched some possible locations to the

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  • Bobby speaking to the vilage of Surkhi

    D123 (Fri 26/02/2016) 23/1861

    Lakeside Views and Wedding Bands. A good sleep had meant that Bobby’s irritating cough was beginning to reduce. Bobby made good pace in the morning session despite an increasing pain in the bone above the ankle of his left leg. We were only a few kilometres south of the village called Surkhi. I had made

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  • Residents of Deori visit Bobby

    D122 (Thu 25/02/2016) 22/1838

    Old Dhaba’s and Our Own Slice of Countryside. After a very restful night of food and sleep at the hotel, Bobby awoke refreshed. We hit the road on time and the lights of the Walkmobile lit our way until the sun raised its head and took over. Bobby passed over a small river and the

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  • Residents from the town of Rehli walk with Bobby

    D121 (Wed 24/02/2016) 25/1816

    Village Hall Speeches and Hotels in the Middle of Nowhere. Bobby’s pace was up and he had managed to cover a lot of ground. He was powering through and soon passed a sign telling us Sagar was 72km away. The local liaison for Saksham had been asking me to walk through the village of Deori

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  • Sagar is only 101km away

    D120 (Tue 23/02/2016) 24/1791

    Friendly Chats and those Rich at Heart. It had been a good night. Bobby had been getting a better rest and was managing his ever present foot pain. The highway was in good condition since we had started to head north after Narsinghpur. Bobby passed a sign telling us Sagar was 101km away and this

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  • A pump dog keeps guard over the Walkmobile

    D119 (Mon 22/02/2016) 24/1767

    Thick Fog and Doctor Diversions. I was awake for a lot of the night worrying about Bobby but he seemed to have a slightly better sleep. Narsinghpur was to our north and we were bypassing it by staying on the highway. When we disembarked from the Walkmobile, the air was thick with a dense fog.

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  • Lovely view from a bridge as Bobby nears Narsinghpur

    D118 (Sun 21/02/2016) 21/1743

    We Have Lift Off and Ice. Today would normally be a rest day but we had agreed after calculation that we would need to walk today to reach our target markers. Last night, Bobby’s sleep was broken by bouts of coughing. He was tired and feeling quite miserable when he got up. I was very busy

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  • A family of monkeys walks with Bobby

    D117 (Sat 20/02/2016) 25/1722

    Monkey Tolls and Banana Currency. A lovely cool breeze in the morning made walking pleasant despite Bobby’s cough. The bouts of coughing were sometimes so severe that they were affecting Bobby’s breathing rhythm, leaving him breathless. Narsinghpur was edging closer and the sign told us it was only 24km away. I had already decided that

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  • We park at a petrol pump that was under construction

    D116 (Fri 19/02/2016) 25/1697

    Dry Rivers and Safe Havens. It was a crisp morning. Bobby’s sleep had been better with the knockout linctus but the cough was still present in the morning. It was not long before we reached our junction. Taking the slip-road west. we waved goodbye to highway 7 which had been our friend for so long.

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  • Bobby enters the mountain roads after Chhapara

    D115 (Thu 18/02/2016) 11/1672

    More Coughs and Dust Storms. Stopped short of Lakhnadon as we would be leaving NH7. Bobby’s cough had been very bad all night. He even left the Walkmobile a number of times as he was feeling very sick. By the time I went to wake him up, he had only managed to sleep for the

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