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  • Rajan Bhanot
  • 02/11/2013

The India Association is actively fundraising and really needs your support.

Since our last event, we have raised £30 

We are looking to raise a total of £1500000.

Every donation makes a huge difference and your support is greatly appreciated

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A general donation to the IA which will be used to support a variety of noble causes throughout the year. These general donations are also used to provide money for emergency disaster relief wherever it is needed.

Bobby's Walk Full Circle

This will see 80 year old IA Chairman, Bobby Grewal complete a 2,600 mile trek from the Kanyakumari on the Southernmost tip of India to New Delhi along the East coast, with the aim of raising £1,500,000. The distance is the equivalent of walking from London to Bagdad and Bobby will be walking almost a marathon a day for five months. The walk will start at the end of October 2015 and will finish at the end of March 2016. Money raised for the walk in the UK is to be split equally among Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, The British Asian Trust and the India Association.

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