Cows pose for a picture with Bobby in Nallamala Forest

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Into Telangana and lecturing cows.

I didn’t sleep well that night.

Check post sign at the end It started off quite comfortable but the temperature dropped considerably making me wish I had a blanket instead of the thin sheet that had been covering me up until now.

The morning was not much better.The damn across the Krishna River

We knew we would not be walking and therefore did not need to get up super early but even at 7.30am the warmth of the sun was noticeably absent.

Even though Bobby had packed a blanket with him from the UK, he had also felt the cold that night and was still tired when he got up. We decided we would not hang around for breakfast but would make a start for the Krishna river. That meant approximately 5km of twisty downhill road to get to the bottom of the river valley before crossing a bridge into the next state.
Looking over the Krishna River to the Telangana sideAs we made our way down the valley, I was glad we had stopped that night at the edge of the village as there was absolutely no place to park amongst the hairpin bends.

It wasn’t long before we caught sight of a rather large damn holding water back from the river.Over the Krishna river and into the state of Telangana By the time we reached the valley floor, I could see the bridge in the distance.

We made our way across and passed a sign telling us that we were no longer under the jurisdiction of Andhra Pradesh … we were in Telangana!

It seemed like deja vu in reverse as we made our way up the twisty road on the other side of the valley and finally reached the village of Eegalapenta.

Outside the gates of Shivaji Spoorthy KendraThis had been the place I had marked to have breakfast but there was absolutely no suitable place to park up so we passed through the town and found a location to park by the roadside. Bobby looks over the watering hole and plains

No sooner had we stopped than a herd of wild cows mingled curiously around the Walkmobile. They probably knew we were planning breakfast and decided they wanted in.

As breakfast was prepared, Bobby stood on the steps and lectured the herd about keeping India clean. They seemed to take note and they dutifully ate all of the scraps we through out for them.

After a short rest, we carried on through the forest to find a good location to park up for lunch and just asThe Walkmobile sits snugly between the trees we were beginning to give up, Rahim noticed a clearing to one side and we parked up once again. There were two trees and the Walkmobile nestled snugly in between them.

There was also a small dirt hill that looked man made so we made our way up it the short way while Bobby walked around and up a very gentle slope. We were greeted with the breathtaking sight of a watering hole with plains stretching off toward the distant mountains.Buffalo swarm around the Walkmobile

We took in the lovely sights and retired to the Walkmobile for lunch during which a massive herd of water buffalo came out of nowhere and manoeuvred themselves around us as they made their way to some unknown destination.

It was then that Bobby mentioned his left foot and knee had been paining. It could be due to the cold night but he was not sure. What was more concerning was the fact that Bobby had been practically resting while we had to drive through the forest. I took note and asked him to let me know how he felt at regular intervals.

It was time to move once more and it wasn’t long before we cleared the check post signifying the end of the forest.

Luckily we spotted a petrol station and decided to park up for the night and replenish our water supplies before recommencing the walk next morning. Bobby’s foot pain was concerning me as much as it was concerning him and I would assess matters early next morning.

I went to sleep dreaming of the walk ahead.

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