Rinku Jessal makes fresh makki ki roti and saag

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Valentines and Open Air Cooking.

A short post for today as it’s Sunday and a rest day.

However it is Valentines day too.

We had a good rest last night our location behind the hotel was very quiet.

Rinku from Nagpur called to say she would be popping along early to see us.

Bobby relaxes in the fields past Rukhad and the forestThe ground was dirt with small rocks and when the hotel’s owner heard we would have friends visiting he asked some of his staff to start clearing the area around the Walkmobile to make it neater.

Rinku arrived not long after with her brother and friend Vikas.

We decided to have a late but tasty breakfast of Aloo Parantha in the dhaba.

We spent the day relaxing and wandering the fields surrounding the hotel. This was quality time and something we didn’t get to do when parked in the forecourt of a petrol station.

However, I was missing my wife Sophina terribly and a long phone call to her only made me miss her more.

It was late afternoon when Rinku surprised unloading all of the ingredients for makki ki roti and saag which she had brought with her.

This is a Punjabi delicacy and one which Bobby had been craving right through his walk but had not been available at any of the locations we asked.

Rahim and Satinder unloaded the gas cylinder and burner and laid a large plastic mat and Rinku started cooking in the open air.

We were so grateful to Rinku, her brother and Vikas who had travelled so far to fulfil Bobby’s wish.

A teary goodbye followed as we knew we would be travelling too far for them to meet us again so soon.

Laster that evening, Ravi Jawade also turned up to say hello and that rounded off our Sunday very nicely.

That night I went to sleep dreaming of my wife.

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